Politecnico di Milano


Department of Civil and Environtmental Engineering (DICA)
Water Science and Engineering Sector

Research Team Members

General Description

Marco Mancini, Full professor

The scientific coordinator of the project and of POLIMI in the proposed project, expert of hydrological modelling and measurements

Chiara Corbari, Assistant professor

Activities related to the study of hydrological processes through hydrological models, remote sensing and eddy covariance measurements

Giovanni Ravazzani, Assistant professor

Activities related to hydrological modelling coupled with meteorological forecast and climate change

Ceppi Alessandro, post-doc

Activities related to meteo-hydrological forecast and ground monitoring

Mouna Feki, phd student

Soil infiltration modelling

Erika Ferrari, phd student

Evapotranspiration modelling

Role and main responsibilities in the project

The Unit is coordinating the project (WP0), is involved in the ground monitoring for the Italian case studies (WP1), in the hydrological modelling (WP3) and soil moisture forecast (WP5) for all the case studies.