Meteo Operations Italia – Centro Epson Meteo


Department of Civil and Environtmental Engineering (DICA)
Water Science and Engineering Sector

Research Team Members

General Description

Raffaele Salerno, Director, Chief Science Officer

Head of Research of Centro Epson Meteo, a private research institution, with experience in mathematical modelling of ensemble forecast, mountain meteorology, boundary-layer forecast.

Dmitrij Toscani, Senior Scientist

Research interests are: database and big data, environmental modelling, Statistical processes of meteorological data.

Lorenzo Danieli, Senior Meteorologist

Main research interests are: weather forecast and analysis, model intercomparison.

Laura Bertolani, Senior Scientist

Main research interests are: model intercomparison, weather data analysis, model performances.

Role and main responsibilities in the project

The Unit is involved in ensemble forecast (WP4), and model analysis and comparison as well as in product implementation (WP7).